Co-curricular Enrichment Programmes

Aryavart educational Institutions strongly believe that Co-curricular activities are very much curricular. hence a few Co-curricular programs are fused with the curricular ones to enrich the learning experiences of the students:

  Plant Parenting:

Each Student adopts a plant and nurtures it throughout the academic session. This spontaneously develops in them connectivity with nature & sensitivity towards environmental hazards.

  Community service:

Regular visits are organized to orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, slums etc. To sensitize the students towards suffering humanity and to serve it selflessly.

  Yoga and Meditation:

The system of Yoga provides a sound practical method for the holistic development of the individual personality. Yoga means the art of concentration, good health, cheerful attitude, winsome habits and the knowledge of the self, all rolled into one. Yoga and meditation are the essential ingredients of our educational programme, interwoven with regular educational activities.

  Study Circles:

Study circles are organized regularly, focusing on various aspects of Indian Culture to develop pride in India’s rich cultural legacy and faith in India’s bright future.

  Courses for Promotion of Human Values

Aryavart Institutes are deeply concerned about the erosion of values and increasing cynicism in society and have focused on intervening certain features in the curriculum in order to make education a forceful tool for value inculcation. With the aforesaid objective the institutes propose to conduct a Course in Human Values with the following featues:

  Course in Human Values: Swami Vivekananda's Perspective

This course would enable the participants to
1. Conceptualize human values in the light of Swami Vivekananda and develop them by practsing specifically designed techniques.
2. Function in accordance with value system which gives a sense of purpose and meaning to live.
3. Play an assertive and constructive role in the development of the country and the world at large.
4. Respond to the suffering of humanity & serve selflessly.

Note: Beside the regular students of the institutes who will be willing to join this courses, the interested community members above the age of 16 can also join the course.


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